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Five more tasks to delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Are you creative sole trader or small business struggling with admin? Have you considered delegating your admin to a Virtual Assistant (VA)? Here at The Spiral Notebook I offer virtual assistance to creative sole traders and small businesses, freeing up their time to focus productively on their projects.

Your business is going great, you’re moving forward in the right direction, but the admin it produces is causing you stress and distracting you. If you find admin tediously time consuming when you'd rather be focusing on creativity, or you are suffering from admin overwhelm and finding it difficult to balance admin time with business productivity, this post will be of help.

Following on from my previous post, below are five more tasks I can help with.

· File Management

Do you find you are wasting time searching for documents, which are currently stored in an unorganised way? You know you need them to be organised in a way which will make it easier and quicker for you to find them, but you don’t have the time to go through everything. Does this sound a familiar?

I can solve the problem for you by setting up a digital filing system using platforms such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive or another system you prefer. Folders will be set up and documents stored in the relevant place, and a filing list produced to help you find what you need easily.

I will ensure there is a specific naming standard for your folders and files, and you’ll no longer waste your valuable time.

· Document creation

Running a business means there will inevitably be an array of documents to write, prepare, or amend. Contracts, forms, invoices, training guides, onboarding paperwork, handbooks, guides, and letterheads are just some examples of different documents you will need.

If you have documents that require tailoring for individual purposes, such as invoices, letterheads, compliment slips, I will set up a branded template for you and you won’t have to waste time putting one together each time.

I can also help with writing handbooks and guides from scratch in the branding and style you require. Provide me with the raw information required and I will produce it into a professional guide or handbook. Presentations for meetings is also a task I can help with, so you won’t have to worry about preparing it yourself.

Delegating your document creation to me means you’ll be organised with a suite of branded documents at your fingertips, exactly for when you need them.

· Newsletter creation

Do you send regular newsletters to email subscribers? Perhaps you’ve briefly considered the usefulness of them but don’t have the time, or the know-how to start.

Newsletters are a great way of engaging prospective or existing customers, sharing details of new products and promotions, highlighting employees, successes, and upcoming events, and offering discounts to subscribers. If this is something you would like to start doing, but don’t have time, this is a task which can be delegated to me. Provide me with the content for each newsletter and I will produce it for you.

A newsletter is an inexpensive and unobtrusive way to promote your products and connect with your customers.

· Blog management

As with newsletters, running a blog aimed at prospective and current customers is also an effective way to promote your business. Blogs can be time consuming, so this might be something else you have considered but haven’t had time to set up.

Blog management is another task which can be delegated to me. I will set up your blog and then edit and post any content you send me for each post. I will also monitor responses to the blog posts, collating feedback, assisting with queries, and replying on your behalf.

Prospective customers searching for specific words related to the products you offer, will find your posts leading them to your website and helping to grow your business.

· Event planning

Whether its an exhibition, a promotional tour, networking, staff party, team building event, a conference, or something else, delegate the organisation to me.

Once you have decided on your date, budget and numbers of attendees expected, I will research venues, caterers, suppliers, travel arrangements and accommodation, in line with your requirements and itinerary. Having researched these, I will produce a report with details and costs, to help you make a decision on all these points. Once given the go ahead I will arrange everything and regularly update you on progress and any issues.

You can continue working on your business knowing that organisation of the event is in safe hands!

Contact me

If I can help you with any of the above tasks, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my website, or via social media.

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