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Five tasks to delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Have you considered delegating your admin to a Virtual Assistant (VA)? Here at The Spiral Notebook I offer creative small businesses and sole traders virtual admin support, freeing up their time to focus productively on their projects.

Your business is going great, you’re moving forward in the right direction, but the admin it produces is causing you stress and distracting you. If you find admin tediously time consuming when you'd rather be focusing on the creative side of your business, or you are suffering from admin overwhelm and finding it difficult to balance admin time with your projects, this post will be of help.

Below are five tasks I can help with;

· Email management

It’s so easy to let an inbox become clogged up and unwieldy. Emails that should have been deleted a long time ago, numerous emails that could be grouped together, important emails you have missed lost amongst all the others, promotional emails you aren’t interested in. All sitting there, screaming at you to get them into a semblance of order.

To make your inbox less stressful and easier to navigate, I will set up folders, labels, and a colour coded flagging system for you, anything out of date or junk will also be deleted. I can also reply to any uncomplicated emails if you are happy for me to.

You’ll never dread opening your inbox again!

· Spreadsheet Creation/Management

Do you have a spreadsheet requiring a lot of management? data entry taking up a lot of your time? Perhaps you are thinking of setting one up but don’t know where to start?

Spreadsheets aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m one of those people who loves a spreadsheet having used them regularly. Tell me what you require, and I’ll set up your spreadsheet and manage it on an ongoing basis for you.

I will also give you tips and advice so you can eventually manage it on your own if necessary.

· Diary Management

Are you finding it difficult to manage your appointments? Find yourself forgetting important dates because your concentration has been solely on your creative projects? Perhaps you have numerous promotional events, business meetings or conferences coming up which need diarising.

Your calendar will be efficiently managed for you by me, ensuring you never forget an appointment again and you’ll know exactly when you need to be at that event, conference, or meeting. Forward anything important you need to remember to me, and I’ll enter it into your calendar, setting up notifications and invites so you’ll be reminded.

I’ll also ensure your creative time is protected by blocking it out on your calendar, so you can relax and focus on your work.

· Travel arrangements

Alongside delegating your diary management to me you can also entrust your travel arrangements to me. Whether it’s an overnight stay or longer, let me know your itinerary and requirements. I will explore options and put together a document of quotes for prices if you require this. I will also organise your travel, accommodation, and transport, ensuring your travel arrangements run as smooth as possible.

Passing your requirements over to me will allow you more time to focus on your current work, networking and promoting your business.

· Research

Research can take up a lot of time, distracting you from your work, delegate your research to me and you won’t have to lose out on productivity because you’ve spent hours on the internet.

I can conduct research on what your competitors are doing, suppliers and materials you need, venues to promote your work in, travel, accommodation, and anything else you need information on.

The time you save on delegating your research to me, will benefit your business.

Contact me

If I can help you with any of the above tasks, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my website, or via social media.

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