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How to delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Do you need to hire a Virtual Assistant to delegate admin work to? Unsure if this would suit you? Perhaps you just like to stay in control of everything, but it's getting more difficult to focus on your creative projects, whilst also managing your admin to do list.

If you are unsure a Virtual Author Assistant is what you need, or don't know how to go about delegating to one, then read on. This article will help you decide.

As a busy creative you want to concentrate on your projects, especially if you have a deadline coming up. In the background you've also got a long list of admin jobs seemingly growing behind your back needing attention.

Short of tearing your hair out and running away, what can you do?

You could delegate your admin tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA), and leave them diligently getting on with your admin, whilst you to work towards that looming deadline.

Delegating can be hard to put into practice, especially if you like to be in control of everything. Perhaps you feel if you need to tell someone else what needs doing, it takes up time anyway and you might as well do it yourself.

Just think how much easier your life would be if you did delegate, and as you are reading this you are obviously at that point. In the long run, you'll benefit it you make that decision and you'll have saved yourself more time going forward.

Below are four things to consider if you are thinking of delegating to a VA.

  • Work out how much time it would save you to delegate

First, take stock of the admin tasks taking up so much of your time, then work out how much more work you could get done if those admin tasks were delegated. You might be surprised at how much time it would give you back over a week or month.

  • Research Virtual Assistants

The next thing to do is search for VA’s online, who match up with the tasks you need support with. There are many VA’s with different skills sets, offering different services, for all kinds of business niches. You should be able to find a selection aligning with your requirements, who will happily undertake the tasks you don’t have the time to do, or just plain dislike doing.

  • Contact a VA

Contact a VA and ask to set up a discovery call. Most VA’s offer a free initial discovery call, where they will ask you questions about your work, what help you are looking for and what you are looking for in a VA. A discovery call benefits both of you, as it will also help you to decide if you would be a good fit to work together.

  • Establish good communication

Once you and your VA have signed the contracts and gone through the onboarding process, you will need to establish the best ways of communicating during your time working together to ensure your working relationship is successful. Establish the medium you wish to communicate through and when to hold catch up meetings. The VA will also let you know their working hours and when they won't be available, so you know not to contact them outside of their stated hours.

If this post has convinced you a VA is exactly what you need, then please check out the services I offer on my website and contact me if you think I can be of help.


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