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Lifestyle Management – How a Virtual Assistant can get your personal life organised too

Running a small business alongside family and personal commitments can be fraught, especially if your business is growing and moving in the direction you want to it go. Sometimes if probably feels impossible to juggle both and you don’t know how you are going to keep your business afloat, whilst ensuring your family and personal life don’t fall apart.

What can you do? You can’t afford to bring in more in house staff, or any staff at all if it’s just you. The solution could be to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA). Not only can a VA take on your business admin giving you more time to focus, but they can also undertake personal and domestic admin for you too!

Lifestyle management is a Virtual Assistant service I offer, below are five examples of the tasks I can support you with.

· Appointment reminders and bookings

Never again will you forget that very important appointment, or forget to book it in the first place, because I will be on the case! I will book it for you and will set a reminder, so you don’t forget.

· Gift ordering/Flowers/Cards

All important dates will be diarised when we start working together, so I will know when there is an important date coming up. I will then ensure gifts are ordered, flowers are sent, and cards are purchased.

· Restaurant reservations

Do you have a favourite restaurant for special occasions? Perhaps it’s now always booked up by the time you think about it? Don’t worry, I will make sure your reservation is made in plenty of time.

· Organising Trades people

One of your appliances has malfunctioned and you don’t have time to sort it out or take time off from your business. Don’t stress, I can sort t all out for you, contacting your preferred trades person or researching to find the best one to solve the problem.

· Holiday/Short break/Activity planning

The school holidays are coming up and you’ve blocked out some days to spend with your family, but you need ideas for activities. I can research the best places to go, and book them for you. I can also research holiday and short break ideas for you. You can focus on your business, relaxed in the knowledge that your time away is being organised for you.

Contact me

If any of the above sounds like the support you could very much do with, please contact me. Should there something you need support with a task not mentioned above, please do ask if it’s something I can help with.

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