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Ten Reasons to hire me as your Virtual Assistant

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

The Spiral Notebook supports creative Sole Traders and Small Business owners with admin, freeing up their time to focus on productivity.

If you are struggling to juggle your admin with running your business, and your personal life, my support will save you time, so you can concentrate on growing your business without having to worry about tedious admin tasks.

If you are still not sure I can help, below are 10 reasons why you should hire me.

Experienced: Before becoming a Virtual Assistant, I gained 30 years in various admin positions. The knowledge, skills, and experience I picked up along the way are invaluable, and transferrable to virtual assistance work. The opportunity to use my skills and experience to support creative sole traders and small business owners is exciting and inspiring.

Organised: I love a to do list! Filling my lovely notebooks with all the tasks that need doing to support a client inspires me. I enjoy the process of starting a project, ticking off each part of the project and seeing it through to the end. It also means I can help you become organised and less overwhelmed by your admin.

Adaptable: I adapt to situations quickly, which is very important in virtual assistance work. My adaptability was particularly important whilst undertaking several temping assignments. I needed to adapt quickly to new teams and colleagues, and quickly understand the role I was brought in to do and the processes and procedures required to be successful.

Proactive: I have always been proactive and resourceful in my approach; this is crucial If a client needs to solve an issue or requires support with ideas to move forward. If a client needs an answer to something and I don’t have the answer I will network with other VAs who may have the knowledge.

Communicative: I understand the importance of good communication, whether via phone, in writing, or face to face. I offer a complimentary call with prospective clients which allows me to understand the business, the brand and the work they are outsourcing with the aim of understanding the clients needs. A working relationship with effective communication is important, to ensure the work is carried out to ensure client expectation is fulfilled.

Technical: During my admin career I have been required to learn many different IT systems, which I am able to learn quickly. If a client requires me to use a platform or tool new to me, I will be proactive in learning the system.

Reliable: I can be counted on to successfully complete tasks to an excellent standard and to required deadlines. I am also approachable and enjoy building good working relationships where I can be relied upon to get things done.

Punctual: I dislike being late for anything in life! I understand the importance of effective time management and will always be punctual with deadlines or attending virtual meetings/calls. If there is an issue with being able to meet a deadline, I will let the client know as soon as possible.

Trustworthy: I respect confidentiality requirements, which have always been part of my professional life. In my personal life I have undertaken many voluntary roles which have also required confidentiality.

Value: I aim to add value to a working relationship, putting all the above into action to ensure working together is a positive experience for both of us. My goal is to achieve a successful outcome for you and your business.

Contact Me

Please have a look at the ‘Work With Me’ page on my website to get a feel of the service I offer. If you think I can be of assistance please contact me, and we can arrange a free half hour discovery call to chat about your requirements.


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